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Did you know that you can text enable landline phone numbers for your business? Here’s the scoop on why you need to do it.

The coronavirus pandemic has significantly limited face-to-face communication in a way most of us have never experienced before. With the CDC reporting over 420,000 cases nationwide, and the numbers rising each day, it’s fair to assume that we should settle in and consider life today our new normal.

Businesses and consumers have had to pivot and adapt to the present environment we are living in. They are figuring out different ways to keep connected to their customers. Innovation in times like these is what will help keep businesses moving forward. It’s not a surprise that text messaging is a dominant force in communication now more than ever. 

The ability to reach customers and in turn, have them reach you is essential in times like this. An easy way for businesses to do this is when you text enable landline phones. This allows companies to both send and receive text messages by simply using the email client you are accustomed to working with each and every day. For customers it’s seamless; they send and receive your text messages just like any other text.  

Text Enable Landline

Adapt to stay connected

Businesses are taking a hit as they also do their part to curb the spread of the coronavirus. Restaurants, for instance, have had to pivot to takeout and delivery services only, while the travel industry is dealing with a high volume of phone calls. 

Many businesses are finding new ways to serve their customers

They are choosing to text enable landline phones to send and receive text messages. When you text enable landline phones, managing the day to day and staying connected to your customers is a breeze. There are a number of benefits for you, your business as well as the client and customer.

Texting with customers to schedule and reschedule appointments

Communicate to provide alternate dates and times within the text messages or ask if the customer would prefer to call them to reschedule their appointment. Remaining flexible and providing individuals with options is the best way to assure a smooth transition.  

Sending reminders

As the day of the appointment approaches, send a reminder through text with the date and time. 

Managing waiting rooms

With social distancing measures in place, it is so important to manage the number of people in lobbies and waiting rooms. When you text enable landline phone numbers in the office, this provides an easy way to keep customers informed on the procedures for your office. Many businesses are sending text messages to customers ahead of their appointment letting them know what to expect. 

This process supports social distancing measures and reduces the potential stress or anxiety of customers in these times of uncertainty. 

Think innovatively

How can you engage with your customers if you’ve had to shut down your business altogether? If you own a yoga studio, gym or dance studio, can you move your classes online? What are the ways that you can still engage with your customers and provide them with the familiarity that they need.

Businesses of all industries and sizes should use text messaging.


Just like email, you can schedule an automatic reply to any text message sent to your landline number. This ensures every text message from your customers receives a prompt reply. 

When you text enable landline phone numbers, use automated responses features for designated keywords. – So rather than ‘scheduling’ a text, responses can be triggered by any number of keywords, like ‘schedule’ or ‘hours’.

Text Enable Landline

Archived communication

With the influx of remote workers, insight to customer communication from employees is important. By providing opportunity for the workforce to use text message with customers, managers need insight into what that communication is.

The ability to archive all text communication into CRM’s provides visibility for managers to give feedback and ensure the process is being used in the best possible way. 

The bottom line is this, the world we are living in today underscores the importance of businesses to stay connected with customers. There are so many ways to use text messaging in your business when you text enable landline phones. 

Texting isn’t just convenient for businesses; it is how your customers want to be reached.

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