Frequently Asked Questions

User Set Up

A user is any member of your organization with a unique email address & landline number. Each member should have their own user license. TextBetter users can manage text conversations on any device (PCs, phones, tablets, etc.) with access to their email. It works on as many devices as you’d like, at no additional cost.
TextBetter allows you to send text to email with any email client, so you never have to worry about compatibility. Our subscribers use email clients ranging from Outlook & MS Exchange to Gmail, Yahoo!, Thunderbird and more.
We can provide you with enough dedicated telephone numbers to get your entire organization texting in a day. Our support team will work with you to ensure everything down to the area-code fits your needs.

Contact us to learn more about virtual numbers.
Yes. TextBetter will work with any 11-digit telephone number, including toll-free & VoIP numbers. And unlike our competitors, we’ll never take ownership or port your numbers.

Technical Details

Our patent pending technology uses an Email to SMS Gateway – and unique pairing process – to convert your emails into text messages. Which means, when you send an email to a recipient’s mobile phone, your message is delivered as a text message and your landline number is shown as the sender.

In fact, our SMS Gateway works both ways (by also converting text messages into emails).

So, when someone replies (or sends a text to your landline number), their message will arrive as an email in your inbox. To text back, simply reply!

Check out our Video: How It Works for landline texting explained in 97 seconds.
When someone sends a text to your landline number, TextBetter converts their SMS into an email and delivers it right to your inbox. We’ll automatically include “Text Message From” in the subject line, so you can easily tell the difference between an email and a text.

Use our phonebook feature to automatically display your senders name.
Yes. By using an email account to send, receive and manage texts, TextBetter eliminates the need for additional applications or software.

TextBetter users can send, receive, manage text conversations on any platform that has access to their email. This includes online portals, as well as desktop applications.

It also works on as many devices (PCs, phones, tablets, etc.) as you’d like, at no additional cost.
Yes. TextBetter will allow you to send text with email with any 11-digit telephone number, including toll-free & VoIP numbers. And unlike our competitors, we’ll never take ownership or port your numbers.


Team includes 2 users and can support up to 5 users at a time. Because it is our most basic plan, texting features are limited and, typically, cannot be tailored to meet the needs of a larger organization.

Business includes 8 users and can support up to 1,000 users at a time. – But you don’t need to use all the licenses right away. Since licenses can be reused, many of our customers reserve extra licenses for new hires or temporary employees/contractors.

In addition, Business & Enterprise plans have access to several product enhancements. These enhancements are customizable and therefore, can be easily managed internally, by a designated company administer.
What are the benefits of having a company administer?
• User preferences are consistent
• Individual communications are cohesive
• Compliance requirements are monitored and reinforced
Enterprise is designed for large organizations that require premium customization or support. There are no limits on the number of user licenses per subscription, and volume discounts are automatically built into your pricing plan (please contact us for custom pricing).

Enterprise includes everything in our Business plan, plus personalized APIs, tailored features (specific to your organization/needs) and custom branding for a more personalized user experience.
Adding new users is easy and set-up is free! Simply contact our Support Team with each user’s information. It takes less than a day to get started.

Prices per user vary depending on your plan:

• Team includes 2 users. A subscriber can add additional users at any time, at a discounted rate of $15 per user per month (maximum of 5 users per subscription*).
• Business includes 8 users. A subscriber can add additional users at any time, at a discounted rate of $10 per user per month (maximum of 1,000 users per subscription).

*There are no fees associated with account upgrades – so your growing team can easily transition to a Business Plan, if needed.


Yes! Please contact us for more information.
Yes. Upgrading plans is easy and can be done at any time, without any hidden fess or penalties. Just contact our support team – as always, user-set up is free!
Simply contact our Support Team with each user’s information – it’s that easy. It takes less than a day to get started and you’ll be able to send text to email.

Step-by-Step Instructions (‘How To’)

Sending a text from your email is easy with TextBetter.

• Open a new email using the email account paired with your landline telephone number. In the “To” field add the recipients 11-digit mobile phone number followed by [1]+[area code]+[mobile number]
• Skip the subject line. It will not be included in your message.
• Type your message and send. Remember, only the first 306 characters will be sent

What about my signature block?
We got it covered. Our technology automatically recognizes and removes your signature block, along with common salutations such as “Regards,” or “All the best,”
Outlook users can create an alert (audible ring) any time their landline number receives an incoming text – just like your mobile phone.  

Click here to read or download these instructions.
If a recipient no longer wants to receive text messages, they can automatically add themselves to an out-out list by texting back STOP, REMOVE or UNSUBSCRIBE. Doing so will block anyone at your organization (using TextBetter) from sending a text to that number.

To view or manually add numbers to your company-wide opt out-out list, contact your account administrator.

To remove a number from this list, please contact our Support Team.
Because text conversations are converted into emails and then stored in your inbox, syncing with CRM is easy. In fact, it uses the exact same process as email sync.

• Simply create a TextBetter Email Address for each of your contacts in CRM using their 11-digit mobile number followed by “”. You can automate this process by running a back-end job that appends “” with your contact’s mobile number.
• One done, you’ll have a unique ID that can be used to associate contact records in CRM with the text conversations that are stored in your email.

What CRMS works with TextBetter?
TextBetter seamlessly integrates with hundreds of CRMs, so more likely than not, you already have what you need. TextBetter customers use Salesforce, SugarCRM, Microsoft Dynamics, Infusionsoft and more.
Just like email, you can schedule an auto-response to any text message sent to your landline number during a designated day and time. To activate your auto-response, send an email to your account administrator.

Please include content and desired schedule (with time zone) for each message. As a reminder, your auto-response cannot exceed 130 characters.
The phonebook feature allows you to easily store customer information – just as the address book works for email. It is also shared across an organization, ensuring that every contact entered is available to all of your TextBetter users.

Updating your phonebook is easy. It can be done at any time, using any of the following methods:

• Directly from your iPhone or Desktop email: after you receive a text from an unknown sender, click on the “add to phonebook” link – located in the bottom of the email.
• From your account page (mass upload or manual entry): click on the “Phonebook” button located on the top menu bar of your account page. Here, you can add/edit contacts manually or upload a large spreadsheet.
Keywords enable you to create custom, automated responses based on designated key words. – So rather than scheduling a text, responses can be triggered by any number of keyword(s).

To activate keywords, send an email to your account administrator. Please include content and desired keyword trigger for each message.
To Send Text To Email: If you subscribe to MMS, simply upload the image as an attachment to your email and press send! Your email will arrive as a text with your image embedded in the text.

To Receive: If you subscribe to MMS, any pictures sent to you over text will appear as an email attachment. It’s that simple!
Texting Up to 10 Recipients
You can send a single text to up to 10 recipients at a time – simply separate each number in the “To” field with a semicolon; just like you would email. Your message will be sent to each recipient individually, creating a 1:1 conversation (between you and the recipient) that is private.

Texting More than 10 Recipients
This functionality is only available to Business & Enterprise subscribers via the following features:

(1) Our SMS Marketing Wizard allows you send personalized texts to multiple recipients at once, like appointment reminders & thank you notes.

(2) Distribution lists allow you send a single text to designated group of recipients – great for special announcements or internal notifications, like an office closing or storm warning

Onboarding Documentation

Click here | Everything you need to know for new, existing & potential customers.
Click here | Easy to print, easy to read. Download a list of our product features.

API Documentation

Sending Text Messages

TextBetter uses a simple URL call to send text messages (SMS). It works with any internet browser and can be easily deployed, without complex code, like SOAP, REST or RPC.



KEY unique key for your company
FROM 11-digit telephone number Your customers 11-digit telephone
TO Your customers 11-digit telephone number
MESSAGE Up to 360 characters or your “if that then” statement call code


With each outgoing message, we provide the following result

Status: “{rn  ”result”: {rn    ”status”: {rn      ”nvs_code”: ”S”,rn      ”message”: ”Valid number, SMS delivered”,rn      ”code”: ”200”rn    },rn    ”sms_id”: ”b2ej8fc4-94f2-462e-9lb3-4c16c4068d17”,rn    ”sender”: ”19712701807”,rn    ”recipient”: ”15164764461”,rn    ”location”: ”USA”,rn    ”carrier”: ”999”rn  },rn  ”id”: 0rn}”

Receiving Text Messages

TextBetter uses a customer provided endpoint to receive text messages. Depending on your preference, incoming text messages can be sent to your endpoint URL or email.  We also provide metadata with each incoming text message. Messages sent to your endpoint will be URL encoded; remember to account for apostrophes if you will be inserting your messages into a database.

Typical URL Endpoint:  
Typical URL Endpoint: is an incoming message 

Example for C#:

Receiving values as query string

//incoming data string: From=12223334444&To=15558889999&Message=this is an incoming message 

Get the values from QueryString parameters

toNum Request.QueryString[“To”].ToString();
FromNum Request.QueryString[“From”].ToString();
IncomingPlaintext Request.QueryString[“Message”].ToString();
fromNum fromNum.Replace("+", "");
IncomingPlaintext IncomingPlaintext.Replace("'", "''");

Example for parsing data from an input string:

Another language would need code equivalent to below

String data = new System.IO.StreamReader(Context.Request.InputStream).ReadToEnd();
String[] p = params.Split(‘&’)       //split parameters on & into an array, list, table, etc.

This would result in a table like:

p[0] ‘From=12223334444’
p[1] ‘To=15558889999
p[3] ‘Message=this is an incoming message’

To get the values, parse each string on the above

string[] vp[0].ToString().Split(‘=’)


These APIs will allow you to programmatically generate reports without logging into the Management Tool.  API generated reports can be delivered through email or to your FTP site as a comma delimited txt file.  Allowing you to easily read and ingest the data into your systems. The API can pull data for all conversations or for specific text enabled telephone numbers, as well as summary usage data, by text enabled number.

Report APIs

Conversation Report API<KEY>&report=<ReportType>&FromDate=<FromDate>&ToDate=<ToDate>&UserID=<UserID>&virtual=<YourNumber>&other=<otherPersonsNumber>

API Parameters:

KEY = unique key for your company
Report  = conversations
FromDate = start date range for report
ToDate = end date range for report
UserID = the unique user id or FTP the report will be sent
Virtual = A text enable number OR “ALL”
Other = the “Other Party” number Or “ALL”

Result File:

Conversation Report columns: (comma delimited txt file)
Virtual Mobile,
Virtual Mobile Tag,
Other Party,
Other Party Tag,
Date Time,

Summary Report API<KEY>&report=<ReportType>&FromDate=<FromDate>&ToDate=<ToDate>&UserID=<UserID>
KEY  = unique key for your company
Report = summary
FromDate = start date range for report
ToDate  = end date range for report
UserID = the unique user id or FTP the report will be sent

Result File

Summary Report columns: (comma delimited txt file)
Virtual Mobile,
Total Messages,
Total Sent,
Total Received

OPT OUT Report API<KEY>_FromEnterprise


API Parameters:

KEY  = unique key for your company

Result File

Summary Report columns: (comma delimited txt file)
Original sending number,
Opt-Out subscriber number

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